Thursday, 23 July 2009

New look for the EJournal webpages

There has been a recent change in the way the library's e-journal webpages look. This is because we've changed to a different feeder database which, behind the scenes, will integrate better with the library management system and help us improve services.

The default presentation of the list is more streamlined than before. Select "Switch to Detail View" if you want to see, for all the titles listed, the years available and from which websites. Select the "i" for this information for individual titles.

There are no records for our electronic journals in the library catalogue but these will be coming.

More information on library news

There's also a known problem linking to Elsevier's Science Direct journal site from Web of Knowledge and other databases using "findit@Edinburgh". As with all links to journal full-text, double check whether or not you can get it from the library using the e-journal webpages and the library catalogue incase we have only have the journal/year in print.

As you can tell, it's a work in progress and we'd welcome comments or questions on it.

E-Journal web pages